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August 2014. My wife Marieke is diagnosed with cancer in her neck. Later, it shows that the primary tumor is in the tongue.

The hospital advises surgery, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. Marieke, who is an Intensive Care nurse, follows her own journey.

She starts exploring her thoughts, emotions and body. She can only have liquid foods. With the help of the Gerson diet, she drinks biological vegetable- and fruitdrinks, low salt soup and crushed oatmeal. She also takes supplements to improve her immunity system.

People say that in times of trouble, you get to know your friends. It seems that we have very many of them. Everyone we know sends us love in their own particular way. We get a lot of practical help.

Marieke is treated in Germany with an immunologic therapy, without additional damages. Still we see on a MRI scan that the tumor has grown. The medical docter in the hospital praises Marieke because her body shows so strong. Nevertheless, he can not do anything for her anymore.

Marieke and I know Sri Vasudeva from Trinidad already for a long time. He is an enlightened being, a Sat (true) Guru (the one who leads you from the dark (Gu) to the light (Ru).

Vasudeva is fully aware of his multidimensional identity. He knows that he is a soul, a spiritual being, in a human body.

The good news is: we are no different from Vasudeva. It is only that we have forgotten that we are not our body, our thoughts or emotions. Vasudeva invites us to come to the ashram of his Blue Star Foundation.

We meet him everyday and also many other spiritual people who help with Quantum Healing. This is the principle that the pure and untouched, immortal soul that creates our thoughts and emotions can build a new, perfect image of the body of Marieke by will. The body wil comply to that new healthy template. So you think, so you become. The supreme healer lives within.

We do meditations. We sing mantras. We work on our energy bodies in which there are seven chakras (wheels of energy). With the use of the breath we give power to these energycentres. We see that Marieke gets better every day. Her energy and health grow significantly.

There is so much love, peace, optimism and understanding at the ashram. And there is always Vasudeva. Our true friend. Who helps us to completely lose our fear of dying. Who leads us to the firm belief that we are immortal souls in a human identity.

Only the body will die, when the time has come. We visualise that it will not die already now, as a result of this disease. The word dis-ease implies that there is an imbalance in Marieke that has to be restored so that her body can become healthy again. She is restoring that imbalance now.

Vasudeva teaches Marieke to easily tap into the Zero Point Field, the endless space that contains all the information in the Universe. That helps her to overcome doubts when they come up. The good news is again: everyone is capable of doing this, especially when the mind is silent.

Neither Vasudeva nor we want to persuade any other of what we belief. We grant everybody a personal truth.

Marieke and I can only express that we feel grateful to our friend Vasudeva. We feel also blessed and carried with the good thoughts, prayers and help of so many beautiful people.

From our balcony at the ashram on this tropical isle, we see palmtrees and higgledy-piggledy built houses on green hills. We hear loud played reggaemusic. We recognise Bob Marley.

We truly wished he could have known Vasudeva in his time.
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10 reacties

  •   Cees  Gery
    Cees Gery 22 april 2015 Reactielink

    Lieve Marieke en Bob,
    Verbinding, overgang, los laten, schijnen, een zijn, zing, vecht, huil, lach en verwonder, groei, voeden, grace, verlichting. En zoveel meer zonder woorden.
    Liefs Cees&Gery


    Ik ben blij dat ik jullie ken!
    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Henk Fransen


    Ik ben blij dat ik jullie ken!
    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Henk Fransen

  •   Tom A-Tjak
    Tom A-Tjak 14 maart 2015 Reactielink

    Lieve Marieke en Bob,
    Dank je wel dat jullie je ervaringen met ons delen zodat we mee kunnen groeien met jullie. Het is een ultieme reis door donker en licht die we allen maken. Liefs, Ankie en Tom

  •   Indu
    Indu 14 maart 2015 Reactielink

    Lieve Bob en Marike. Wat een bijzondere manier van delen. Wat een diepgang en liefde. Zo open, zo kwetsbaar en zo krachtig. Jullie laten me zien wat transformatie kan inhouden. Diep respect voor de manier waarop jullie ieder met de uitdaging in je levens omgaat. Ik draag jullie in mijn hart en in de genezingsmeditaties.

  •   Carolien van Os
    Carolien van Os 14 maart 2015 Reactielink

    Prachtig! Word er stil van! Wens jullie veel kracht!

  •   wilma van mil
    wilma van mil 12 maart 2015 Reactielink

    Een droevige gebeurtenis met mooie, warme en liefdevolle gedachtes!! Ik hoop dat jullie nog heel veel positieve kracht van Vasudeva mogen ontvangen!! Heel veel liefde, kracht en voorspoed!!

  •   Brahmani
    Brahmani 12 maart 2015 Reactielink

    Wat een prachtige namen – en nog veel, veel meer - hebben jullie ontvangen. The spirit is up, zo blij voor jullie. Heel veel liefs en liefde to keep it high up!


    Beste Bob & Marieke,
    Ontroerd en voor mij nog nauwelijks te bevatten...
    wat een intense kracht mogen jullie ontvangen via Vasudeva.
    Ik wens jullie heel veel liefde en warmte om dit pad samen met hem liefdevol te bewandelen.
    Lia van Schaijk

  •   Henriettte  Wim
    Henriettte Wim 12 maart 2015 Reactielink

    Van harte gefeliciteerd Manohar,
    Met het ontvangen van je spirituele naam en natuurlijk ook voor Suddha Devi!
    Dat jullie leven vervuld mogen zijn met jullie namen.
    Hartegroet voor jullie beiden.
    p.s. zou je ons jullie adres willen mailen,
    Want er licht / ligt hier een kadootje(sstt..) voor Marieke gereed....


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